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Dear Harmony Community,

Welcome to Harmony Elementary. My name is Anne Marie Keskonis and I am honored and excited to be the principal of your school. I am a veteran of the Gwinnett County Public School system and have served in a teaching and leadership role for over 25 years. The excitement surrounding this school year is evident. This year promises to be one of the best ever thanks to our diligent students, extraordinary staff and supportive parents.

At Harmony Elementary, the students are our number one priority. The teachers provide a high quality educational experience in a positive learning environment. This will result in exemplary student performance for all children. As a partner in this noble cause, I would like to encourage you to work closely with us this school year as we support our students to reach their potential. Make a commitment to get involved this year. Join us for parent teacher conferences, parent workshops and family PTA events. Together, we will positively shape the future of your child and make a difference in their lives.

Thank you for entrusting Harmony Elementary with your child's education. We will continue to have high standards for ourselves and students. We will cultivate the spirit and desire to be a learner for life.


Anne Marie Keskonis

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