What is eCLASS?

eCLASS is Gwinnett's digital Content, Learning, Assessment and Support System that is providing the district an integrated learning management system to enhance student engagement and the learning process.  It's a multi-year initiative that is providing students and teachers with the digital tools they need to expand the walls of the classroom, foster collaboration, and nurture creativity.

eCLASS includes:

Digital Textbooks

Online Resources through MYeCLASS

Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

Online course Pages through MY eCLASS


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What is a Course Page?

How do I log in?

Can I use a mobile device to access a course page?

Which one do I click?

Teacher Course Page Teacher Course Page
Kindergarten   Third Grade  
Clark 2017 Clark.S Kindergarten Core Foster 2017 Foster.S Third Grade Core
Evans 2017 Evans. C Kindergarten Core LeBlanc-Wraight 2017 LeBlanc-Wraight.M Third Grade Core
Gonzalez 2017 Gonzalez.E Kindergarten Core Mazurek 2017 Mazurek.K Third Grade Core
Spencer 2017 Spencer.C Kindergarten Core Ward 2017 Ward.A Third Grade Core
First Grade   Fourth Grade  
Batchelor 2017 Batchelor.S First Grade Core Gram 2017 Gram.M Fourth Grade Core
Goodin 2017 Goodin.C First Grade Core Livingston 2017 Livingston.C Fourth Grade Core
Still 2017 Still.D First Grade Core Tidwell 2017 Tidwell.C Fourth Grade Core
Stroud 2017 Stroud.A First Grade Core VanScoter 2017 VanScoter. L Fourth Grade Core
Second Grade   Fifth Grade  
Barnes 2017 Barnes.K Second Grade Core Benton 2017 Benton.C Fifth Grade Core
Hendrix 2017 Hendrix.A Second Grade Core Hicks 2017 Hicks.J Fifth Grade Core
Hewette 2017 Hewette.A Second Grade Core Lee 2017 Lee.T Fifth Grade Core
    Wileman 2017 Wileman.S Fifth Grade Core


What if I have trouble using MYeCLASS?

If you are having trouble with MY eCLASS:

Try clearing your cache.  Click here for directions.

Email any questions to techsupport@harmonywildcats.org

Contact your child's teacher.