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Radical Readers

Mission and Faculty

Mission Statement

The mission of the Harmony Elementary School library media program is to enable our students and staff to become lifelong readers and users of information. The media program also aims to support and enrich the curriculum of Harmony Elementary.


Marie Kennedy, Media Specialist
Dolores Craven, Media Clerk


Looking for a Good Book?  Check out our Suggested Reading List!

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The media center is open to students from 8:50 AM until 3:10 PM


Marie Kennedy, Media Specialist

Dolores Craven, Media Clerk


Harmony Elementary has flexible scheduling in which students may come with their classes for checkout, storytime, information literacy skills lessons or research. They may also come alone or with small groups for checkout or to do research.


Harmony Elementary has an automated circulation system.
Kindergarten and First Grade students may check out one book at a time for two weeks.
Second through Fifth Grade students may check out two books at a time for two weeks.
Students must return any overdue books before checking out more books.
Reference books are to be used in the Media Center.
Students in grades 3-5 may check out magazines from the Media Center.
Staff members may check out professional journals.
Audiovisual materials may be checked out by staff members.
Lost or Damaged Books

Students must pay $15 to replace a lost library book that is hard cover & $5 to replace a paperback book.
Students who return damaged books will be charged an amount depending on the type of damage.
News Broadcast

Each morning Harmony Fifth Grade students present a news broadcast from the Media Center.

Community of Readers

Our school-wide reading program is the Community of Readers. Please use this link for information on the Community of Readers program.

Community Of Readers

Community of Readers is a reading incentive program for students and teachers designed to encourage students to read and develop an appreciation for different types of literature (genres). Students benefit from Community of Readers by increasing their vocabulary, academic achievement and love of reading. Students will receive rewards based on reading books from different categories.

Here are links to Parent Information Letters. These letters describe Community of Readers in detail.

Parent Information Letter (Grades K-1)              Parent Information Letter (Grade 4)

Parent Information Letter (Grade 2)                  Parent Information Letter (Grade 5)

Parent Information Letter (Grade 3)

Harmony Readers Book list

(leveled book list for grades grades K-5)

Kindergarten Book List           3rd Grade Book List

1st Grade Book List               4th Grade Book List

2nd Grade Book List              5th Grade Book List 

Listed below are the genres/categories from which students may read in Community of Readers. Click on a category for a definition of the category and sample list of books that fit into the category.

Genres / Categories


Caldecott/Newbery Medal


Fairy & Folk Tales


Favorite Author

Free Choice 

Georgia Children's Book Award 

Historical Fiction

Historical Nonfiction

How To/Informational 



Realistic Fiction

Science Fiction

Science Nonfiction



Marie Kennedy

Marie Kennedy

My name is Marie Kennedy. I have been the media specialist here at Harmony Elementary for the past 10 years. I love working with your children My goal is to help them become lifelong readers who can find and process information.

I attended the University of Georgia for both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. I am married and have two sons, Adam and Nathan, and a daughter,Heather, who bring joy to my life. I also have 2 pugs who are my "other" children. I enjoy reading, of course, hiking and bike riding.

Teacher 5

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