Custodial Staff

Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson

My name is Brandon Wilson and I am the head custodian. I love to laugh, smile, and sing while I am trying to make Harmony the cleanest school in Gwinnett County. Harmony is my second home and I take care of it like it is my own.

I love Harmony because of the great kids and all of the other amazing people who walk through our doors. Working with this faculty and staff is like having sixty sisters and a handful of brothers. Everyone treats each other with respect and we work to create the best environment for our kids.

I also love Harmony because of our great leadership. Our administration has helped me grow up so much and become a stronger leader myself. I have learned that a leader is not just the person giving directions, but the person listening and communicating well with others.

Mirzeta Millinikivic

1 year at Harmony

Nora Salazar

2 years at Harmony

Luz Salazar Caldero

1 year at Harmony

Billy Tate

1st year at Harmony