The mission of the Harmony Elementary counseling program is to promote student success by removing barriers to children’s learning, whether the barriers are academic, emotional or family concerns. Through classroom guidance, small group counseling and individual counseling, the counseling program aims to help each student reach his or her highest potential. Working with staff, families, and community members the counseling program strives to create a caring environment in which all students may become responsible learners and productive members of the community as they prepare for the future.

Amanda Andrews

Amanda Andrews

Hi! My name is Amanda Andrews. I am the school counselor at Harmony Elementary. I am originally from Columbus, Georgia, but I moved when I married my husband who is a sixth grade science teacher in Gwinnett County. We have a four year old son named Eason and a grey cat named Greycie. We love to spend our time together outdoors, reading at Barnes and Noble, or watching a movie!

I graduated from Columbus State University with a Masters in School Counseling. I help students find out what they are passionate about as a potential future career (I decided I wanted to be a counselor in high school)! I also help students with social and emotional struggles. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns you may have about your child. I am here to support you and your children here at Harmony!


Harmony Elementary Counseling Services

Kathryn Oliver-Wierwille

Large Group Guidance Lessons
Guidance lessons will be delivered in all grade levels throughout the year to help students develop skills in the following areas: academic, personal/social and career. Topics may include study skills, test-taking strategies, friendship and conflict resolution skills, making healthy choices, and goal-setting.

Individual Counseling
Some students may need additional one-on-one support through short-term individual counseling. Individual sessions with students are scheduled as requested by students, parents, and teachers.

Small Group Counseling
Small group counseling sessions are conducted with 2 or more students who share a common struggle in the classroom or at home. Small groups meet for six to 8 weeks with each session lasting 30 minutes. Topics may include making better choices, building self-esteem, or coping with grief and loss. Parent permission is required to participate in small group counseling.

Parent Support
Parent consultation is available by request. Parent Workshops will also be held throughout the year on topics such as Parenting for Academic Success and Effective Discipline.

Confidentiality Statement

Student confidentiality is important to me! As the school counselor, I recognize that my relationships with students are built on trust. If I feel it is appropriate for parents or teachers to be notified of an issue, I will ask for the student's permission to do so. I try my best to balance communicating with parents with respecting the student’s right to privacy.

However, there are important exceptions:

  • Potential Harm to Self or Others
  • Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
  • Court or Other Legal Proceedings
  • Confidentiality in group sessions cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that other students are present